Vivo S1 Pro Smartphone With Dual Engine Fast Charging!

The Versus Mobile phones and Smartphones with the vivo s1 pro is another amazing device from the house of Nokia. It is equipped with the Windows operating system along with plenty of other amazing features which are sure to amaze you. There are many other features which have been added for making the device more exciting like, Microsoft office software, google play music, email client, gallery, text editor and many more. There is no doubt that you will not face any problem in getting connected with anyone else through this phone as it has the Bluetooth technology. You can conveniently make calls, send emails as well as play music and videos.

The good thing with the vivo s1 pro is that it has a fantastic camera with a high resolution and optical zoom. You can click the screen to see the details and take the photographs with excellent clarity. It is also endowed with a very large LCD display and offers you a clear view of the images. Camera is the most important component of the smartphone and this makes the Nokia phones the best in the field. With the help of this amazing camera you can capture your moments without any hassle and your friends and relatives will be mesmerized by your pictures.

The phone has a large memory card which further enables you to store large number of photo and videos. The phone has a powerful chipset along with an Adreno type processor which enables you to enjoy a brilliant audio experience as well as great web browsing vivo s1 pro  performance. The Nokia vivo s1 pro also comes with a nice collection of widgets which provide the users with a wonderful user experience. There are various battery saving modes in the smartphone which help you to save power when you are under heavy workload. There is a useful feature called fast charging technology in the Nokia vivo s1 pro which allows you to enjoy an extended usage time of the battery. You can also download various ring tones in this device which include nature sounds and musical songs.

There is a housing that protects the camera from getting damaged when you touch it directly. The camera is protected by scratch resistant Gorilla glass from which you can view the details clearly even if you place the camera on a rough surface. The camera has a nice auto focus which helps you to take clear pictures with very minimal fuss. This Nokia vivo s1 pro has a 6.38-inch touchscreen which looks great on the screen of the handset.

Apart from the above mention benefits, the Nokia vivo s1 pro also provides you with an advanced user interface which is simple to use. The phone has a unique diamond shaped camera panel which is placed behind the textured front cover of the phone. This unique feature helps you to easily view the camera from all sides. It has a high definition camera lens which provides you with beautiful images. Moreover, the large LCD displays the video details brilliantly.

If you want to get more information about this latest smartphone, then you can log on to internet and look for reviews that have been written about the Nokia vivo s1 pro smartphone. The review articles will help you to understand the benefits of using the phone and also how you can make best use of the unique features like the camera, the flash in-display fingerprint sensor and the micro SD card. So, what are you waiting for? hurry up and buy the hottest mobile phone now!